Last October my house burned down. My art studio and work were destroyed. I was left with only fragments of my entire life. After the shock wore off, I spent hours sifting through the ashes. Every fragment I found took on a meaning far beyond what the object in its wholeness had ever held. Each scrap became a symbol, and a lesson in detachment.

The found title page from a book of poetry, I Heard God Laughing, made me laugh too.

I became philosophical about this journey of life, and images of labyrinths arose in my awareness.

I Heard God Laughing


49 x 49 inches

Burnt pages and ash on painted board



24 x 48.5 inches

Ash, recovered textile, burnt photographs, photocopies of destroyed paintings on painted board.

Burnt Lotus


24 x 24 inches

Pastel on burnt pages of a self-help book over oil paint on board